Pizza Ovens

A wood fired oven (or 'pizza oven') is basically a high temperature cooking appliance that can cope with the temperatures generated from burning wood. The ability to utilise higher heat levels and retained heat within the structure, creates an incredible cooking range. It is a totally different cooking experience.

Captivating looks make them the focal point of an outdoor entertaining area and, more often than not, the talking point of a party (especially after the food is served!).

They deliver on their promise of delicious food and can quickly become the pivot of your social life.

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Intense Heat

Pizza ovens are primarily designed to cook pizza with intense heat (around 400 degrees) to lock in flavours. Cooking time for a pizza is generally 1-2 minutes! They are also amazing at lower temperatures for baking and slow roasting.  

The trick to a great oven is achieving a balance between design and materials to create a successful cooking dynamic that cooks food evenly. Otherwise it can be bit frustrating with burnt pizza tops and soggy bases.

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Harmonious Combination

Overall success with an oven project relies on finding a balance between economics, intended use, the construction system and the abilities of the builder.

Our aim is to help you navigate these areas to produce an appliance that you will truely love, enjoy using for many years and swell with pride as you tell the tale of its creation!

Our approach is to combine education with cunning moulds, modern products and clever build systems.

The Moulds

Removing Complexity

At a glance you can understand why pizza ovens are notorious for being complex and difficult to build.  A high level of masonry skill has traditionally been required.  

Our range of cardboard moulds, tools and kitsets, in combination with modern refractory materials, take the complexity out the construction process.  This allows anyone with the energy and enthusiasm to build one in their own back yard. 

It’s time to get stuck in and build one. Let your adventure start here.

Step by step building Summary