The secret to easy building is a cardboard mould

One application of mortar over the cardboard mould forms the dome, the entrance, the flue vent and the archway all at the same time.

Video: Click here to watch an overview of the oven build process

Kitset Building Systems

Our detailed kitsets signifciantly reduce project risk and avoid hours of research and product sourcing to complete each part of the project. We know they work!

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Easy to follow

Our kits are carefully planned and come with detailed instructions. Every aspect from time planning, tools, mixing ratios, measurements and application are explained.

Watch a summary of constructing an oven here

Empowering the novice

Every aspect of the kitsets and instructions are designed for any keen handy person to give it a go. The detailed tutorials and step by set guides support the inexperienced oven builder.

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Do it your way or ours

Our wide range of niche products allow you to pick and choose how you complete your project. Grab anything from just a cardboard mould to a full kit. 

Friendly support

You're not in this alone. Email us with photos and questions or check out our continuously expanding FAQs pages. We are so passionate about pizza ovens and here to help.

Stands are a big part of the challenge!

Pizza ovens are heavy and require a strong stand that looks the part. Our kitset stands navigate this challenge.

We combine simplicity with looks and durability. 

We offer a range of concrete block stands. Both options are designed to be simple to build.

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Check out this video of constructing one of our concrete stands

Wood-Fire Specialists

We stock a big range of materials for building wood fired ovens and outdoor fireplaces. If you have your own plans and want to do it your way then check out our range. We stock fire bricks, high temperature insulation, chimney flues and other components.   

Vast knowledge

Wood fired pizza ovens are complicated beasts! Understanding how something works and why it is necessary makes construction and application of instructions a lot easier. Check out our knowledge bank of information about pizza ovens. We hold nothing back.

Range of products for all outdoor fires

Our specalised range of products can be used in so many different outdoor fire and oven applications.  From fire bricks to high temperature insulation we aim to have it covered!