About us

Primal fires was born in Tauranga where planning, experimenting, researching and creating all happened from a garage.  

With a real hands on approach and a desire to use as many NZ made products as possible, the dream to create an easier way of building wood fired ovens came to fruition.  

The idea was always to give the inexperienced DIY enthusiast the best possible opportunity to create something really worth while.  That was the challenge! 

With the clear aim to bridge the gap between the desire to build and the ability to do it, wood fired pizza ovens seemed like a great place to start.  The cardboard moulds were born.

We are based at a residential address in Matua, Tauranga and we are more than happy for you to pop in for a chat.  Contact us to make an appointment.  

I have helped so many people with their DIY projects over the years and I revel in the pride and comradery these projects have generated.

A big chunk of my life has been thrown into this project and I sincerely hope you dive into one of my adventures and have the time of your life!