Tools for Pizza Ovens Construction

The number of tools required when using our cardboard mould pizza oven system is actually quite small.   Most tools are common and easily borrowed.  They mainly centre around generally building tools and mixing equipment.  

There are however two very important tools we highly recommend for the task.

The first is the plastic trowel.  We have specifically trialed and sourced these trowels for use in oven construction.  Steel trowels can bring water out of the mortar to the surface when you are working it.  This can be detrimental to the mortar strength and make working the material more difficult.  While this isn't important for a professional builder (as they work the plaster a lot faster), for the DIY builder it becomes very important to allow for extra working time and material movements.  

The width of these trowels is also critical to create the nice curves round the front of the oven.  If the towel is too wide then then the trowel edges catch and make shaping very difficult.

The second tool is the Curvinator 3000.  This has been specifically designed and trialled to work with the cardboard mould system.  

It allows the DIY builder to quickly and easily create beautiful curves round the dome of the oven.  A simple tool to solve a very tricky oven building issue.