Chimney Cowls

Keeping an oven dry on the inside is critical for the oven's longevity and usability.  Having to dry it out for hours before each use just isn't feasible.  

Rain is able to enter an open flue and drain down onto the fire bricks below. A cowl serves to deflect rain from entering the oven without hindering the exit of smoke.  They are a lot more convenient than removing a cap each time you use the oven but it depends on the look you want. 

There are a few different options from blanking caps to spark arresting versions so check out our shop for different options.

 As you can see the cowl can change the look of an oven.  

When considering a cowl be aware that soot from the flue can wash down in rain onto your oven.  For this reason we supply caps as standard in our kit sets.  It does mean taking it off and replacing each time, but it preserves the look of the oven especially when painted white.