What size Pizza Oven?

The size of the oven you choose really depends on what you intend to use it for and how popular you are.  

Our standard size is a 800mm internal diameter oven which provides an excellent all round cooking platform. It's a great size for roasting (with plenty of room for a tray) and making pizzas (two at a time if you wish).   

Larger ovens take a lot longer to heat up using more wood and discouraging frequent use. 

We have three sizes off pizza oven mould available: 600mm, 800mm and 950mm internal domes.  

The 600mm makes an awesome little oven for those with limited space or wanting a less dominant landscape feature.

The 800mm is the great all round size.  Large enough to cater for a great party yet small enough to heat quickly and be a well balanced feature to your backyard.  

The 950mm is a big oven!  For those looking for a serious entertaining unit.


Some points to consider:

  • Many people look at the number of pizzas they can fit in the oven at a time.  Now think that you’ll be cooking a pizza in 1-2 minutes.  At that speed you’ll be busy with just one in there.   With two cooking, when you take one out and your spot to put it has been taken by enthusiastic helpers or beverage dumpers, you start to panic about the other one burning!   
  • If you are entertaining 20 people and they each have half a pizza each, then you’re only doing 20 minutes cooking.  One at a time is generally fine and a far more enjoyable cooking experience.
  • You can't really roast and cook pizza at the same time.  These processes require two different levels of heat.  The roast you want the oven sitting around 180 degrees and for the pizza you want to lift that to around 400 degrees.  You don't want to slow cook pizza and you don't want to fast cook a roast.