Pizza Oven Kit Sets

Making your own wood fired oven is a fantastic adventure but it can also be a bit daunting with all the components that need to be sourced and worked together. You may be a little concerned about the building skills required to make one.  

In developing our kit sets, we built prototype after prototype, continuously striving for the best. Each build got better and better.  Each build got easier and less complex to complete. 

We placed equal focus on the ovens performance was we did on the ease to build it. They needed to be achievable and they needed to be fun to build. We had a lot of fun! 

At each step and with each product, we considered how easy it would be for someone with little or no experience to achieve the desired outcome.  We developed a special curving tool, we imported special artists trowels, we adjusted and tested mixing ratios and additives, we scoured the market for the best products then put them to the test.  Many fell by the wayside, not because they were poor products, they were just too hard to use.  Some rose to the top and became part of the kits.

So please don't be put off by the complexity and the number of components!  The idea is to use the right specialised components so the oven becomes a lot easier to build and will last.  The products are fine tuned to be the easiest materials we can find to use - starting with the cardboard mould.  

The instructions to create the ovens just about took longer than to develop the ovens themselves.  We knew just how important they are.  Along with videos we provide detailed written building instructions.  We really want you to have an amazing oven your friends wont believe you built!  

Watch a summary video of constructing an oven here

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