DIY Pizza Oven Build Video Links

Below are a number of links to videos that show you how to build one of our kits.

If you want to watch a summary video then click here 

There is a lot of content here, but we think better too much than not enough. You can always fast forward!  

They are  designed to explain things for the novice builder in great detail.  Nothing is glazed over, instead we take the time to show you exactly how we do it so you can replicate the process as much as possible.

The general idea is rather than binge watch the entire series, (unless you really want to!) is to watch the relevant segment prior to completing that section. The video will then support the written instructions.

There may be a particular area of the construction process you are concerned about, so hopefully the video will alleviate this.  

1: Base Insulation and Floor

2: Building the arch and applying the refractory mortar

3: Applying the insulation, foil and mesh 

4: Applying the shaping and waterproofing coat

5: Applying the first layer of decorative plaster 

6: Applying the second layer of decorative plaster 

7: Applying the third and final plaster layer