Oven Placement and Regulations

It is important to comply with safety and building code regulations.  These can vary from region to region. 

Be sure to do your own homework as it is ultimately the home owners responsibility to make sure structures are safe and comply with the relevant legislation.

As a starting point there are three main points of reference for you to check out:

Fire and Emergency NZ

Building Performance Schedule 14.3

Your local council.  Generally they have a duty building officer who can point you in the right direction so it is worth giving them a call.

Also be aware that at certain times of the year there can be fire bans in place.  Often they categorise what you can and cannot use so be sure to understand the local rules.  

Whatever you do make sure your oven or fire is safe and that you have a plan should things go wrong.  Alcohol is often present round fires so make sure your plan includes the unexpected actions of a 'tipsy' person!

Smoke can also be an issue that should be considered.  Be thoughtful in placement of the oven or fire and make sure you always burn dry wood.  If you are burning small pieces of dry wood there will usually be no visible smoke exiting the flue with our oven designs.  

Also be very careful in the disposable of ashes.  Mix well with water.