Aluminium Stands

Aluminium is a very versatile and easy material to work with.  It is lightweight, strong, easily cut and fastened.

By the time you add up all the components it is actually not that much more to create a stand from aluminium than concrete blocks.

We have a range of aluminium stands to suit our different oven sizes.  We also have a side table option for creating a work area next to the oven.

Our stands are pre cut but require assembly and optional painting.  The legs are set into concrete.

Special brackets designed for fastening 50x50 aluminium section are used in combination with corner angle brackets to hold the parts together.  These are fastened with either self tapping screws or rivets (as instructed). 

The stands can either have a pre made oven placed on top or you can create a concrete hearth by fastening aluminium angle around the top edge and placing a calcium silicate board (or strong cement board) into the central area.

You can attach whatever cladding you like to the outside or leave it as a simple stand.

Option one for stand only:

Option two includes the frame and the boxing for the concrete hearth to be poured on top.

Option three is for a stand with aluminium sheet side panels and boxing for a concrete hearth to be poured into.