Customer projects and testimonials

Hamish from Tauranga

For a long time we have wanted a pizza oven but were always held back by price and the logistical exercise of having to get the oven into position where we wanted it on our section. When we saw the Primal Fires DIY option it took away those problems as the price was awesome and the oven could be built on site, on the spot where you want it to go.
The materials were delivered, all clearly labelled and allowed us to get started, only needing some basic tools of our own (general toolbox stuff plus a couple of optional extras which definitely made life easier - paint mixing drill attachment, small angle grinder). The instructions were clearly written, easy to follow and explained all of the steps thoroughly making it achievable for a person with little or no prior plastering experience. The build process is broken down into multiple days making it easy and achievable to do a bit one day, let it dry, then move onto the next step another day. Using the cardboard form to create the ‘shape’ of the oven means you end up with the professional look with ease.
I was impressed with the quality of the build process, the oven ends up being constructed of multiple layers of mortar, insulation and plaster and is very solid. The final look of the oven is awesome.
Overall I am stoked with how our oven has turned out and would 100% recommend Primal Fires if you are keen on building your own pizza oven.


Sven From Tauranga

The oven works a treat! Excellent performance whether I cook pizza, barbeque meats, or roast veggies. Oven heats to high temp for pizza within an hour and a half no problem. Great heat retention for slow cooking.
It’s become so popular in the family that we don’t use our gas BBQ anymore. Butterflied chickens, burgers, sausages, you name it. Great social activity as well, of course, and the kids love the whole outdoor fire thing.
Last but not least – massive shout out to Roydon! Super helpful setting everything up. Kudos to you, great product.

Nick from Coromandel

Very stoked with the results. It’s actually visible from the road until a few trees grow and a lot of people have commented on it so I’ve passed on your details to a few.

Fully fired it up on Queens birthday weekend and it worked brilliantly. Pumped out about 20 pizzas on the first night!

I’m a pretty practical person but I will say the instructions were easy to follow, and so good to have the perfect amount of materials and mixing ratios, made the process seem so easy.


Barry From Tauranga

Barry has certainly put in the effort here.  Great job and he has a right to be very proud of the result!