The Cardboard Mould Sizes And Types

Cardboard Pizza Oven Mould Parts

Different moulds and part thereof, are available for purchase to suit your construction plans.  

The cardboard mould will arrive in a box ready to be assembled.  A mould will take about 30-40 minutes to put together.  It's not difficult, it just takes time to correctly fit, tape the components together and drink coffee at the same time.

A set of comprehensive assembly instructions are included.  

The flue starter ring that is supplied with the mould packs and is designed to take a standard 150mm stainless steel flue.  

There are a few different options when it comes to the mould.  

The first is size.  Choose from either a 600mm, 800mm or 950mm dome diameter.  remember this is the internal cooking area not the outside dimensions like an electric kitchen oven.  

800mm is the most popular size and comes in either a short or standard length entrance. The 600mm and 950mm versions have only one option of a standard length entrance.



You can choose the shorter entrance 800mm oven if you do not want to have a brick style arch entry and would prefer a shorter oven, or if you want to build a cob oven (which traditionally have a shorter entrance).  You can add an arch of half bricks afterwards if you want (there is a mould available for this in the shop).  


If you want to create the arch at the same time as the dome, then go with the standard entrance.  It is designed to accomodate a 230mm long brick to create the archway. We have bricks specifically for this or you can use your own. There are kits in the shop that include these.  

This is the easiest way to build the oven.  


You can also choose mould options without the flue shaper and stainless steel starter ring.

You would choose this if you are going to use your own bricks or mould section to form your flue entry.  You can buy the starter ring for a 150mm flue separately if required (to use as part of your chosen construction method).

The last option is to purchase just the dome.  This is a good choice if you are wanting to construct your own front entrance and flue system.  It is a lot better than using something like a Swiss ball, as it is rigid and a set size.