The Concept

Use a cardboard mould in combination with modern or traditional refractory materials to make a wood fired oven significantly easier, quicker, cheaper and less technical to build. All this without compromising quality.

You just choose the mould type that suits your project. From a simple dome only option, through to a mould which creates the dome, the entrance, the flue entry and the arch entrance all at the same time.

We also have a large range of complete build kitsets available.

Check out the anatomy of an oven here

Designed right

The cardboard moulds are strong, straight forward to construct, and follow the design principles of traditional ovens.

Painstaking design and testing has ensured these moulds create an oven that has the right dome height, entrance size and flue dimensions for both aesthetics and performance.

The cardboard structure takes around 30-40minutes to put together and is available in three dome diameter sizes: 600mm, 800mm and 950mm.

Read more about the sizes available

Easy build system

The key concept of the cardboard moulds is to create the dome, the entrance, the flue gallery and the arch entry all with one application of refractory mortar.

Everything is set in place, adjusted and checked before being mortared.

This is a huge advantage as it takes away the masonry skills required to accurately build as you go, significantly reducing the project complexity and risk.

See a full oven build process here

Supporting your creative adventure

Creating your own pizza oven really is an adventure! 

If you choose to go down your own build path (instead of one of our kits) let these ingenious moulds create the foundation for so many different build options. 

From a simple cob oven to a palacial monument to mankind, they take care of the most difficult part - creation of the overall shape.

Check out a few oven build types