Oven Stands

Oven stands are a vital part of the project and often one that is under planned.

An oven weighs a lot (600-1000kg +) depending on the types and amount of materials used so it needs to be strong and safe.

When designing your stand allow for at least 150mm for the 600 and 800 ovens and 200mm for the 950mm oven in material thickness out from the cardboard mould size (50mm for internal dome, 50mm insulation and 50mm waterproofing and decorative mortar layers).  For example for the 800mm oven the width of the concrete hearth needs to be 150mm + 800mm + 150mm = 1150mm minimum width.  (1200mm is a good width for this size oven) 

As for the length you need to take into account a front landing (if you want one).  So 150mm (or 200mm for 950 oven) of material at the rear of the oven + mould length + landing.  For example 150mm + 1000mm + 250mm = 1400mm long (deep) stand.  250mm is a nice sized front landing which is handy for drinks but if you want to be able to place pizzas or trays on it you will need to go for 350mm + in size.  

We recommend using aluminium or concrete blocks.  These materials are strong, easy to work with and will last the life of your oven.


We have spent a great deal of time and effort to develop a range of concrete block stands.  The packs are very comprehensive and designed for the novice builder.  To check out the range click here



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Using concrete blocks isn't necessarily cheaper than using aluminium as components soon add up.  The building time of an aluminium stand is a lot less. 

Steel is another solution, but it really needs to be galvanised to last and this process is quite expensive and not available everywhere.  You can also get water run off from rusty steel that stains.  

We do not recommend wooden stands as, quite simply, fire eats wood.  Fire can be unpredictable and the last thing you need is worry about your stand burning.  Wood also tends to deteriorate atheistically quite quickly and can warp, bow and/or decompose over time (beware of untreated sleepers!).  

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